Welcome to our Mission Valley Free Methodist Church Family!

Here you can learn about our background, beliefs, goals, etc. but we really hope you come away with the sense that we are a "family". We care deeply for one another and encourage each another to grow closer to God. We invite you to join us! Scroll down for more info and click on links to the left for more options.

What We Believe

Mission Valley Free Methodist Church is part of the Pacific Coast Japanese Conference of the Free Methodist denomination and ascribes to the Articles of Religion found in the Book of Discipline. The specifics can be found at the Free Methodist of North America denomination website, www.fmcusa.org. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement is "Becoming a loving community, inviting and challenging people to live like Christ." 

Core Values

CONNECT- Connecting people to people with the goal of connecting them to God.

CARE- Share the love of God by looking for, identifying, and meeting the needs of others.

CALL- Finding, understanding, and living out God's purpose for your life.

COURAGE- Pushing past our fears to live in faith and obedience to God.